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At Set for School, our mission is to give your child the skills they need to succeed at school.

Set for School is run by two Bachelor Qualified teachers with over 20 years experience. Drop your child off for their session and enjoy some time to yourself. We have small class sizes in a home like, relaxed learning environment. The group sessions at Set for School are fun and engaging with lots of hands on learning.


Our Programs


Kindy Club

During our Kindy Club, we use a program called Ascend Smart Intervention. This program works on children's writing, reading, spelling, and fluency. The children work through an evidence-based program to build on skills that they are learning at school and to work on their confidence with reading and writing. We also focus on mathematical skills and reinforcing skills learnt during the school day.


School Holiday Program

During the NSW School Holidays, we run a selection of days that are both fun and educational. These days range from half days to full days and are run by our qualified teachers in a small group session.



1 : 1 Tutoring

Our 1 : 1 tutoring sessions run for 1 hour and work on goals that are set by the tutor and parents. The goals are worked on throughout the term with the use of hands on activities and using our Ascend Smart Intervention program to build on reading and writing skills.


What other parents have said about our programs

Aline S

We were so lucky to find Emma when we did. Emma has been helping my daughter with focus and discipline, this has been the first time when someone has really looked closely at my daughter’s development.

Antonella loves the classes too, the very fun and engaging activities and materials and the little buddies that she gets to be in the classes with! Highly recommended!

Johanna H

My 4-year-old has had an absolute blast with Emma this term at her school readiness class!

Knowing that the classes are run by practicing teachers has given us confidence that our daughter will be ready for school next year.

Thank you Emma and Susan for a great term.

Nicole T

My son has absolutely loved his time with Emma preparing for school. He has enjoyed all of the activities, and she has challenged him in a safe and nurturing environment, to the point he is now reading sight words after only a few sessions.

We only wish we had joined the program sooner!

Mark S

Fantastic experience for our twins in the lead-up to their first year in kindergarten. Set for School went above and beyond preparing them for the easiest of transitions into their first year of school. Reading, Writing, Numbers, Sounds, Tracing, Cutting, and all the rest… So much more comprehensive than what you get from a typical daycare.

Thank you to Emma and Susan for such an outstanding program. Highly recommend!!!

Eb Y

Emma and Susan have set up an amazing, interactive space for kids to explore, learn and play.

They are both highly experienced and dedicated, offering a personalised approach for each and every child. Not only do they help with academic development, but they also work with the kids to improve their social skills and independence.

We now feel super confident about starting kindy.

Cara D

Such an amazing program run by two amazing women.

Huge improvements with my 4-year-old over the last year, he has gone from strength to strength.

Set of School compliments his daycare program, I cannot recommend them enough.

Claire R

Emma & Susan are so lovely and both kids absolutely loved every minute of the holiday program. They can't wait to go back.

Very happy to discover Set for School!

Ashlee T

My son had the most amazing time at his school readiness holiday program.

Can’t wait to do it all again next holidays!


Julian always looks forward to coming to Set For School on Fridays, you have made a huge difference to Julian’s development! 


Very grateful for your class!

Alex B

Just a quick email to let you know that Louis is absolutely loving (no surprise really!) school. 

He has started the home readers this week (straight to level 2) and I’ve been so impressed with how confident he is and how well he reads 4 weeks in. 

Set for school definitely gave him the boost he needed to start school with a bang! 

Thanks Susan for your support with him!